Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dark Knight review

Dear Milad,
So I just watched the movie last night and wanted to SMS you my review but it was so damn big that I kept getting errors so here it is on my blog:

as a batman film, the dark knight is the best film ever created about the caped crusader. as an action movie, it has its fair share of thrills. and as a dramatic film about a madman and a hero on the edge of what they believe in and how they collide, it's acceptable. heath ledger is the true savior of this movie and by his defiant acting (which is as far away from any kind of joker we've ever known) he is the hook by which all these concepts don't fall apart. Story-wise, I'd say that Harvey Dent's story is a touching and nicely narrated part of the film which outdoes Joker's and Batman's story. All these seperate concepts are like good food when apart from each other and disected under a microscope. but when thrown in a blender, pizza just doesn't seem to taste right with icecream on top of it. although it's still a reminder of what the delicious ingredients are. It's entertaining but too long for its own good. I found myself wishing it would end sooner than it did. It seems a lot like Chris Nolan wanted to spam the film with needless scenes because he wanted it to feel epic. or maybe the editing crew fell asleep during their jobs. Whatever the reason, The Dark Knight is a big step up from the last movie and it's a good mark for potential that the sequell will probably do things a lot better.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am N0thing.

These are dark times in my life, and it scares me to death. I feel the clock ticking and everyone is already far beyond me in the race. I am loosing. I am loosing to nothing.

No refuge. No shelter. I only shiver when I think about it. I stand naked in the rain and wonder: "What the fuck did I do to deserve this? What the fuck did I do to be this way?"

All my dreams are being crushed before my eyes. All of Me being crushed before your eyes.

These are the darkest times in my life and there's no happy ending to this...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yves Klein

Saturday, January 10, 2009

One of the Saddest songs in my life

Red wine and sleeping pills

Help me get back to your arms

Cheap sex and sad films

Help me get back where I belong

I think youre crazy, maybe

I think youre crazy, maybe

Stop sending letters

Letters always get burned

Its not like the movies

They fed us on little white lies

I think youre crazy, maybe

I think youre crazy, maybe

I will see you in the next life

Motion Picture Soundtrack - Radiohead - Kid A

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ad Criticum Memorium on "2+2=5" by Radiohead


The song starts off the album. The sound of plugging in a guitar and the band members talking in the background is a superficial effect to grasp attention and adult curiosity attention. There is of course the lead singer responding to the guitar player: "It's a nice way to start, isn't it?" right after the guitar player says: "We're on." A critical luring towards the starting of the second bush administration period, some say. but it is not certain that this is true as Radiohead themselves claimed that this song isn't really about the Bush administration but as a repellent towards all dictatorship-like governments around the world which rely on their political power to create imbalance and chaos. This album chiefly believes in protesting against false elections and political tyranny hence the "Thief" instead of "Chief" in the Album heading.

The drummer starts the melody while the guitar's sound-check is mixed in and shortly after a few random albeit orderly beats, the main guitar melody starts. very delicate, with dark undertones and almost horror-themed vocals to accompany them:

"Are you such a dreamer

To put the world to rights

I'll stay home forever

Where two and two always makes a five"

the first quartet resembles an android of existence, revealing its way of life. It calls the listener who probably claims that the world needs a change from lies and deception a dreamer and criticizes him. He testifies to the fact of staying at home forever (as in a shelter and hiding place for dormant activity and universally and societal introversion existence).

It reports that at the safety and shell of its home sweet home, two and two equal five. it's an analogy of untruthfulness of what the human mind has conceived. An inequality. something wrong with the system of the governing world around them. But it seems that the android social-introvert is content with this existence. It has chosen this way as its way of ideal life.

"I'll lay down the tracks

Sandbag and hide

January has April showers

And two and two always makes a five

It's the devil's way now

There is no way out

You can scream and you can shout

It is too late now"

There's still the point of the android solidifying its existence and way of life is present here. a world beyond the 9/11 attacks where nothing adds up. Every manner and every political method and figure represent and manifest some kind of conspiracy theory by different individuals.

The android will lay down tracks and sandbag and then hide from the critical assessments of the opposing forces. the revolutionaries. Nothing is what it seems and it is very scary indeed. January has April showers and again still two plus two equal five.

the second set of quartets venture a bit towards the dramatic side and use christian (and generally religious) symbolism which tends to stick in the listeners' ears and mind. a very clever jest. It also points out that It is too late now which means that because of people's ignorance and staying at home, the balance has been toppled and undone.

Because you're not there Payin' attention

Yeah I feel it, I needed attention Payin' attention

Again, it's the singer pointing at the android beings which do not care about the outside world as long as they have their shelter and sandbags.

I try to sing along

But the music's all wrong

Cos I'm not

I'll swallow up flies?

Back and hide

But I'm not

hail to the thief

The act of rebellion against the inequality and the wrong way of life is proclaimed here. The higher powers which rule upon lies which they have created think of the common people as flies but the protester shouts that he is not that. he will not just swallow up flies, go back and hide. The album title: "Hail to the thief" is also mentioned here. The tone of the music is significantly faster and more direct and to-the-point here as until the end of the song.

Don't question my authority or put me in the box

Cos I'm not

Oh go up to the king, and the sky is falling in

But it's not

The threats and stinging of the authority is mentioned here. if they hear of any incompatibility and unhappiness. This doesn't only relate to politics and governmental issues but also the tyranny of religion (which is considered the sole and biggest contributor to human deception and sheep-like behaviour to accept anything which befalls it because a higher power (god) simply wants to). The second two lines condemn leeching unto more powerful figures to draw their attention and pity so that one can benefit from them. At exactly 2:25 in the song, the melody changes to that which the song shall end with. a silent yet haunting finale to a beautiful and mesmerising piece of modern music craftsmanship.

I recommend that you watch the music video for this song. It is also a very delicate and imaginative piece of animated artistry. Although it is very simple and primitive in graphical prowess, it is heavily symbolic and appropriate for this song.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Batman Story by Alan Moore

Ye rooz agha Batman mire khoone catwoman khanoom. behesh mige "khanoom 3 soote lokht sho ta bokonimet!"
khanoom pishi mige "mioo mioo! alan lokht misham pashme kosamo 3 tighe mizanam ta hal koni agha khoffashe!"
Batman mige: "woooo! khoob baladi maro hashari konia! damet garm!"
Badesh mr. batman khanoomo ta sob mikone.
bad az nim saat mige: "ei baba khanoom pussy! ma kandom nadashtim ke! hamintory kardimet!"
khanoom mige: "Eshkali nadare batman khan! abeto rikhti too dahanam! mage yadet raft be in zoodi? hahahahaha!"
Batman ham mige: "ei nagholaye kos nane! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"