Monday, November 23, 2009

Of Erections...

Omg. I haven't gotten horny for about 2 weeks now! I think I've blown a fuse or something.
Or Maybe I'm dying.
Or Maybe I have testicular cancer.
WAKE UP GOD DAMN YOU! WAKE UP! *Khdish!* *Khdish!*
Dude... seriously.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Look at this world. It's a fucked up mess. Children hating parents, parents hating each other, Sisters hating brothers, brothers hating sisters, husbands hating wives, wives hating husbands, everybody scattering around like a bunch of flies.
What the fuck.
What happened to the simple times? When there was a thing called family? Spending warm nights at home talking to your family in front of the TV or just plain sharing a show together. laughing together, feeling together.
I've never had much of those even in my earlier days of childhood. But I still remember my family having certain bonds and ties which never seemed to brake. Not then, and not in the future. But somehow so many of them have. It's a wasteland now. It's everybody's fault.
I'm sorry to say that things really don't get better. Once you sever a synapse, you pretty much better forget about putting it back together. And this is a whole house of cards crumbled to the ground.
What does the future hold? god knows. I'd be lying if I said I'm not scared. because I am. But you never know what lies at the end of a corner. A whole new era awaits. It may be a little more gray and bitter, but hey... life's a bitch and if there's one thing that living in this shit new world teaches us all, is that the only thing we can do is cope and keep up the hope.
Or whatever's left of it anyway.