Thursday, May 21, 2009

A taste of What's to come in Termie's new Concept Album

My dead body weighing down your troll husk
Barely striding not to sink in the mud
Legs unsure and Enemy on tail You suffer
Buried deep withing Jerusalem's soil your treasure

Keep your veil on in the narrow streets
Worshipped corpses raining under your skin
Flay and Float  for miseries untold
I am the harbinger of your sorrow

Murder Maker!
Mayhem Master!
Bloody Heretic!
perverted savior!

I Am Scum!
I Am Shit!
I Am Fucked up like your innocence!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Falling in Love with a stranger inside an elevator / Art

Sometimes the faintest spark in the most unlikely of places could change your world. Even if it's for a few seconds, hours or even days. maybe years. 
You could look at someone and say "She is the one foe me. I just know it. I can feel it in my guts." And then you'll never ever see her again in your life. So what is this "Spark"? is it just a dillusion? is it lust? Is it what we've been taught to feel from movies and soap operas? 
Each time we turn away from a path our guts tell us to follow, we burn down a tree of what could have been and all its branches. Or is there any such tree at all? Do we simply jump from the tree which we burn to another tree, also bearing several endless branches? Is there such a thing as destiny which, like a red cotton string, follows a riggid path like an intestine among these beanches, telling us whhen to jump and when to keep going?
Then we are not much more influential on our own lives as insects are. Insects make choices too and to them, it would seem like their choices are the most important in the world. influenced by our surroundings, we digest the problem and come up with a reasonable (based on how our brain works) solution.
So how different are you from a cockroach or an ant? How are any of us any better than any of the other living organisms in this world? 
My answer? We are onyl different because we We create things for pleasure. We make music, we draw paintings, we create dazzling fireworks to show our appreciation of humanity. Art. We live for enjoyment of art.
Not for God. Not for a pre-determined purpose. Not just for passing on our DNA. Not for eating, fucking or money. We live to enjoy. That is the principal of life in my opinion. 
When you create something which creates enjoyment both for you and your kind, you have created art. Therefore art has no boundaries. There is only one definition for art: What makes the human race Enjoy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blue Jeans & Cocaine

...Still don't know what love means.