Monday, May 27, 2013

Marvin (Part 4)

Marvin felt very happy sometimes. But what made him happy was far smaller and more insignificant for others to understand. Well, all the other people he knew anyway.

What made him happy were many though, even if they were small. The look on a cat's face when it looks up at him with bewildered eyes; how some parts of the environment around him aligned with other different parts of the environment as he moved and shifted his perspective as lines and curves crossed each others' paths; the Indian teller's look when she gives back his change at the local shop; how sometimes his old university lecturer glances at the attractive girls in class and smiles his wicked little smile, with god only knows what passing through his white-haired head.

He had considered having some mild kind of autism. Although nowhere near autistic in behavior, he was generally a socially awkward person no matter how hard he tried. He had stopped trying after a while. This was indeed a problem but lately he had found himself juggling several problems at any given time so it was sometimes a strategy to put some problems aside while others are tended to. But this was a problem he hadn't come back to in quite a while. He imagined it being covered in cobwebs and dust. An old, rusted iron bar kept in the dungeons of his mind.

But Marvin liked to think about the happy stuff every once in a while. Who could not? Even miserable people sometimes see things which uncontrollably brings a smile, however faded and small, to their faces. Some out-of-nowhere coincidence which in the context of things, is simply pleasant feeling. Marvin didn't remember what the coincidence was, but he tried not to dwell too long on it. He was milking the last drops of the feeling before it would all inevitably cave in again.

- "this is some good shit!"

Marvin nodded automatically.