Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Miracle Lyrics

Here's the lyrics to one of Termie's new songs from his upcoming album "Misery In Motion"! ENJOY!
The song is titled No Miracle :

On the day that I was born
A Black cat died in a white suit
They spent all their tears and all their laughters
for its funeral

And they keep on singing to me
But I don't believe a word
And they keep on singing to me
But I don't believe a word

They spent all their time and money
on the food for the ceremony
all their skies were so dim and cloudy
that they didn't pay attention
to the crying babies in the upper floor

And they keep on singing
But I don't believe a word
And they keep on singing
But I don't believe a word

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Termie's New Album Cover Revealed!!!!

He says 10 Songs are recorded and only 2-3 remain! He also says it may be available for download for FREE since the pre-order rate has gone Triple-Platinum!!!! OH WOW FUCK ME!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Lately, I have become a harsh and disrespecting person. I get in a fight all the time with my parents and just can't take being around them. I say harsh things and use bad language when I'm arguing with them and it's just a big damn mess.
I really never used to be like this. I mean, we argued all the time but now it's all just tension and argument between us. The sight of them disgusts me. especially my father. I see him as an old looser who never knew the good things about life. And I see my mother as an under-educated, angry and retarded bitch who's looking for some kind of an excuse to bark at me for no reason.
I feel so trapped and confused. It's like the huge pot I was holding inside me all these years is starting to overflow and it's not looking good.
not good at all.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Person I'd be scared to be around

So I was just surfing the web and randomly going through some unknown blogs and I came up to a blog which had only one post and it said only this with a picture of a woman:

"I wished a hugged her 4ever 4-18-02 I started hugging her cause she was crying and whinning asking me am I still mad at her

Yeah and I am whinning cause I wanted 2 hug her still and make it 8 years we haired each other and how hot hot it was I feel so sad that I dont have a g.f."

IDK why.