Friday, January 28, 2011

2 Life-Changing Anime Shows For Me

1- Neon Genesis Evangelion: I've always loved cartoons with mecha in them. Robotech, Gundam, Overseer Alpha, you name it. But I can with complete clarity and assurance tell you that my favorite among them by far is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Written and directed By Hideoki Anno, the series is not only about giant badass mecha, but it has some very deep roots in human psychology, Behavior analysis, Depression analysis, Philosophy and Religion.
It touches upon so many personal issues and human characters (which are the most human I have seen in any animated show) that they're uncountable. Highly sophisticated and deep, every watch shall not only bring you joy but also awe you with its inspired story and highly emotional art and characters.

2- Ranma 1/2: A comedy masterpiece with a VERY interesting twist. A boy who turns into a girl when he comes into contact with cold water (hot water changes him back to a boy). This very small twist is not only very funny and highly original, it also adds a whole roller coaster of different amazing plot points and drama to the action. The stories may seem light-hearted but dig a little deeper and you'll see just how intricately the emotions of a young boy and girl (Ranma's beautiful tomboyish fiance who won't accept Ranma as her future husband) who are depicted in every episode. You will laugh, you will smile and you will definitely cover your eyes from utter confusion or drama. The pair fight each other because of the silliest things but as the episodes go by and they get to know each other, you'll see the amazingly deep love they find for each other.
And let's not forget the superb masterpiece animation, beautiful character design and art and storyline.
And when it's all over, not only do you miss Ranma and Akane immediately, you may actually have your eyes fill up with tears when they say their final words in the final episode:

*Akane looking at the camera, the wind blowing in her hair and dress*
Ranma: Are you looking for something Akane?
Akane: Nope, I'm done.
Ranma: Ok, let's go!
Akane: See Ya!
*both run away together towards the end of the street and their school*

god... Maybe I'm crazy but I find things like that so beautiful that 90% of you may not even understand how overwhelmingly beautiful they feel for me. It's like when you fall in love. It's like you are over the clouds for a few minutes.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have a classic, 80Gb Apple Ipod.
I've had it for almost 4 years now. I have had it with me no matter where I go. And it's been working for me like a dream in every single condition.
But I had taken it all for granted until I lost it one time for a day.

That was when I realized, I am utterly and deeply in love with my Ipod. It has helped me through emotional difficulties and has lulled me to sleep with its music almost every night.

So, I guess I love it.

I must so creepy right now. lol.

Monday, January 3, 2011


you know I rant about how shit this country is and how I'll never have a future here.

And yet when a serious possibility arouses that I may leave here soon by next year I can't help but be scared like hell.

I am scared.

God I am so scared.