Monday, January 11, 2010

Temie's New Album is Out

Termie's hotly anticipated new album, "Calculating The Ghost" is out now courtesy of C.M Records in all major and minor music stores! This is Termie's second album since the critically acclaimed "Ergonomic Assassin" which hit stores in early 2009. Here are some reviews of the album followed by a short interview with H.T himself about the album and his ideas about the next project in works!

-"This may be his second album, but Termie's accomplished so much more than some experimental bands do in their whole lifetime."

-" We're only a few days into 2010 and I'm already considering this my album of the year!"

-" Termie has shifted away from the heavy, grungy industrial theme of assassin and has conjured up a deeply melodic and moving second album"

- "A bit harder to approach than the shallower "...Assassin" but there are at least 3 bit hits on this album alone and if you were a fan of Termie then this is definitely going to blow you away."

- **** 1/2 Stars."

- "Everything has changed from what you may have expected from what the next Termie album would be. I expected something heavier and more grungy but I'm still swept away by just how hypnotic and deep the second album is."

- " It's amazing what Termie can do with just a few samples and some very, VERY primitive instruments which are probably from the stone age according to today's razzle-dazzle array of electronic equipment and producing machinery."

- "I never expected such an album from him after what he did in his debut. Simply amazing stuff!."

- "Experimental electronica with a ghost of its own. sometimes creepy, sometimes soothing, sometimes sentimental and completely essential."

- "You'll either love it or hate it. But I sure as **** loved it! I just wish it was a bit longer in the minutes."

-"After multiple listens it will finally open up its wonderful chest of beauty and marvelous music for your listening pleasure."

-"Termie has loosened up the tight and suffocating grip he had on his sample mixing and is letting in a fresh breeze of innovative and heartfelt air which smells like victory. I can only see good things for his next album."

ok! The reviews look pretty good! So here's the promised interview with Termie's lone man, H.T:
Hey there, Hamed! Looks like your second album was even more successful than your debut!
Hi. Thank you.
So can you tell us what the album title means, at least for you?
Well I guess it was kind of a title which came to me the minute I was finished with Ergonomic Assassin. I knew I had made some grungy/industrial/sludgy experimental music with Assassin but I really wanted to dive deep into my soul and dig out pieces, you know? I wanted to find out what I'm made up on the inside and that's what led to Ghost and its songs.
So the music here is more personal then?
Yes. definitely.
So what has been different from a technical angle about making this album?
It uses less samples from movies or music loops. I play the guitar loosely in some songs. I try less to be some kind of a mixer and try more to be a composer. I also use my own vocals too.
Do you like Ghost more than you liked Assassin?
well, I can't answer that. I mean, I really like Assassin, but that was just me from the outside. There may have been a song or two which truly came from my soul and emotions but that album was skin-deep as far as my feelings go. With Ghost, I've tried to dive deep into myself and let out that sense of music which I like.
The tempo of the songs are really different too. While Ergonomic Assassin was a faster, harder and more industrial record, Calculating The Ghost seems more like an experimental/electronic indie album.
indeed. I mean I love metal. I live and die for metal. But sometimes you just have to express yourself how you see fit, you know? My life was a roller coaster ride the whole time I was doing this album and there were thousands of emotions flowing into me like some kind of a wild river and I had to let it out. But as you can see, not many of the emotions which rushed through my head were anger and frustration. otherwise you'd have another industrial metal album to listen to.
I see. Well you have the critics by surprise too!
*Laughs* Yes. I did grab them by the balls, didn't I?
So, what's next for Termie? Are you cooking up another album in your head?
Well not at the moment but I do have a title for it.
What's the title? and please tell me what the genre will be this time!!
*laughs* I can't tell you about the genre. It'll definitely be more experimental/electronica. But I haven't decided yet if I want to dig deeper into my subconscious or return to the surface for a heavier, more approachable album. I AM interested in combining some retro 70s-80s style pop music into my melodies. I think it'd be cool to do that. If I do it right.
Awesome! You didn't mention the title you have in mind for your next album.
Oh, I'll probably call it "The Pumpkin Kid". But I'm not so final about it. It may change.
And when can we expect it to come out?
Not soon I'm afraid. I need to do a little researching and sort some things about my life before I even start the new album. But I'd say mid-to-end of 2010.
Well, Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us. We're really Enjoying Ghost and we're waiting for your next project!
You're welcome. Thank you.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I don't even remember writing the last post. lol.
I was soooo god damn high.
oh well. Die.