Monday, November 29, 2010

Blockbuster Rant

This will be Star Scream from the 3rd movie. Yes.

To be quite honest, I don't really see the difference between the Decepticons in this crap movies. It's like they created the autobots (they didn't have the balls to change the Autobots that much) but they went full-on crazy loco batshit with the insecticon...err... I mean Decepticons.

Frankly, watching the second Transformers movie was like watching my mother turning into a flesh eating zombie and eating my father's eyes out of his skull. Disturbing and morbidly depressing.

The question is, why the hell can't they just make an animated sequel? Oh yeah.. because people are idiots and want to watch 3D effects and lifeless big-name actors instead of a decent cartoon which may at least respect the world of Transformers.

No I haven't also forgotten about G.I Joe. oh god. the horror of watching that piece of trash was too much pain to bare.

Well done, Hollywood. So you're going to re-remake the spiderman series again and bring us another Nolan batman who practically pisses all over the Batman saga and its characters and people act like "ooooh! a Dark story! this hasn't been done before!" well I have something to say to all of you:

You are all retards and I hope you burn in hell. It's no wonder Alan Moore doesn't endorse his works to be filmed in Hollywood. They basically fart on your creations and put some dozen explosions in them and sell them to the retarded masses (Although Kudos to Zack Snyder for actually consulting the source material delicately before he brought them to the screen) but still, Mr. Moore has the right idea here.

Now that Marvel and DC have no soul left in them and all they think about is money, I couldn't care less about these kind of blockbuster hits anymore because I truly hate a work of art go to waste like this. If they could Hollywood would perhaps make a movie about Mona Lisa, "the Woman Commando who blew up the secret laboratory of an evil genius who was out to assassinate Da Vinci before he could paint the Last Supper, and ties the end of the movie to a sequel to the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons movies (which were both like a pool of vomit compared to the outstanding books).

I'm not even going to get into the Videogame to movie films. It's just too horrendous and painful for me.

Really, I don't care anymore. Swim in your pools of money and laugh at the retards who watch your multi-million dollar budget films. But if there was justice, you'd all be burning in hell.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Feel pull Feel pull

Touch Touch Touch

Feel pull Feel Watch

Touch Touch Touch

Pull Pull Watch Pull

Feel Feel Touch

Ode to Melancholy

Oh, this dreadful life!
This sickening, grueling shadow of misery
That even misery itself is never fully understood
and we all drown in a twilight of no motion

Our happiness and joys so meek and fragile
our hopes hurl'd around as leaves in a storm
and our pains are twice our happiness
Our moments of triumph but blinks of an eye

O'er these lifeless knows and hows
we tremble and falter and slowly wither
And when the end nears we knowst not why
or when, but we do know and it is never more pleasant

What is this shadow of unperfection
which swallows our pride and our beauties
with but a gaze and a wretched smile it turns
and tramples our faith and collapses our lights

The brooding voices of our own self
and our helpless soul, trapped inside a cage
that we both do and do not know
crying and loosing its mark as it sinks deeper

Maybe I do not want to participate in a world
Where shadows are definitions of light
and the falling are the ones who define the rising
and shedding tears of misery are dubious signs of a better tomorrow