Sunday, April 21, 2013

Them vultures

Everybody have their own agenda. Who can you trust? Who is telling the truth?

When you live in a foreign country and have nobody but your "friends" around, that's when you'll get caught in a web of lies and presumptions and selfishness. We are all each other's pawn. We love to play god. There's this immense sense of power that comes from it. And we're ready to fuck up other people's lives because of that.

I'm sorry that we are such a failure. Most of us anyway. Enough to drag the entirety down with them. I have never wished for a miracle this hard in my life.

I don't want to be part of an evil species.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The cult of the golden sweet spot

Life. Sometimes it feels so good, doesn't it? To be able to breathe, feel, experience the world around you, to find friends, to have sex, to cum. Sometimes everything seems to just click into place for some of us while it is far from functional for some others. We all strive for a balance. A golden spot where we are firmly sitting upon the firmament of our past while looking onward towards the future ahead.

We seek tranquility and freedom. We seek to know and be known. But hardly we gain any balance for the sole reason that we want to be known more than we want to know. We want to stay in our comfort zone and believe that what we know is all that is needed to know and be able to live a fulfilling life by following a strict set of imaginary rules and regulations that we create in our mind.

What are we after really? What are we looking for? The amount of time you spend alive on this earth is absolutely insignificant compared to the amount that you shall spend dead. But does dead equal non-existence? That is to be debated and the only real way to find out is to cross the line ourselves.

But where's the hurry? We are living right now and it is the only chance we may ever get to be able to search for a meaning for it. Of course I don't think there is any unified meaning which we can all follow but each of us must find our own meaning and purpose. That is not easy to do I assure you but just like following bread crumbs, this journey could lead you to a whole new perspective on life.

So saddle up, live life, and try to say yes to things you would usually say no to.

Keep safe and live life a little. You will never get those little moments back. Go find that perfect balance, the sweet middle spot in your life and be free of excess in anything.