Tuesday, April 20, 2010


آن لکه ی تابان را در بین دود و مه پیدا کرد

نقطه ای از نور فراوان بود

چراغ نفتی مادربزرگ لب ایوانک خانه

آنقدر به دور چراغ چرخ زد

تا معنای روشنایی را فهمید

و صداها کرد و نغمه ها خواند

و با تمام وجود ابراز قدرت کرد

او فراموش کرد رنگ آینه را

تا اینکه شبی چراغ خاموش شد

و اکنون او از تاریکی میترسد

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Soon I resign from my job and do nothing.
A new age of fuck has begun. What I'd give to just be relaxed and think about me for a change instead of everything around me.
Oh well. guess I'll just have to change a little bit myself in order to be able to grasp different opportunities. LIKE GOING TO THE ULTIMATE METAL CONCERT WHICH WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN TURKEY BUT MR. JAGH-METIL DIDN'T COME >_<
But whatever. Out of all those bands only Metallica may disband or die after 4-5 years. I just hope Mastodon keeps playing Blood & Thunder in all their gigs.
Shit. I would pay for a filmed VCD of this festival but to think we were "this" close to actually being there. ~_~ I feel all warm and fuzzy inside and then there's cold.... so much cold.